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Anthony Halpin
Assisting men experiencing dificulties in their lives.

"As we gaze into life, what we see and what is reality, maybe very different."


There is no need to continue to suffer or struggle.

If you are experiencing difficulties within your life, whether it be Personal, Marrige or Business related and wish to change your situation, then please feel free to contact me.

Skype sessions also available.


*  Concerns
*  Depression
*  Violent Tendencies.
*  Reclaiming your life
*  Great achievements
*  Cultivating Happiness


*  In House Trauma
*  Communication
*  Domestic Violence
*  Separation
*  Divorce
*  Child Alienation

*  Rescue Remedy
*  Cultivating Happines


*   Looking inside your  business
 *  Improving Turnover
*   Improving Profit

Please forward a brief on any of the above that you would like to improve. Thank you.

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